ISU makes plans for UDA construction

Jill Pearson

The state Board of Regents gave the green light to the ISU Department of Residence last month to begin construction on the Union Drive Association addition in the department’s Master Plan.Randy Alexander, director of residence, said 20 percent of Helser Hall will be demolished this summer. The rest of Helser is scheduled to be torn down in the summer of 2005, along with the demolition of Westgate and Friley Halls to make way for three new buildings and community center.”The first of the three buildings will open fall 2002,” he said. “The three buildings will hold 320 beds each.”North Helser was closed this spring, but Alexander said the residence department was able to compensate for the loss.”We lost 370 beds for students, but we gained 980 new beds with Phase Two of Hawthorn Court,” he said.Alexander also said there are plans to renovate Friley but no date has been set. UDA President Rick Cordaro said the remodeling of the building is long overdue. “Parts of UDA are dirty and dingy, especially Friley, which is so old,” Cordaro said. “The buildings are not keeping pace with technology or student demands.”Cordaro also said Helser has not been accommodating to electrical appliances such as microwaves and televisions. There is not enough space in the rooms for computers, he said, along with a lack of space for commons, conference rooms and lobbies.”They are focusing on UDA because it is convenient to campus and because it has a food service. It is a hot spot,” Cordaro saidAs the residence department gears up for a new phase, another Master Plan creation is well on its way on completion. Alexander said Hawthorn Court has increased the amount of juniors and seniors moving back on campus considerably.”There are 24 percent more juniors and 18 percent more seniors living on campus this year compared to last year,” he said.