Letter to the editor: Give it up, Gore


When it comes right down to it, I could care less about politics, and I don’t believe I am alone. It is mainly a bunch of people doing what they consider to be “good” for the economy, the citizens of the United States and the country that we call our own.

The voting public knew a long time ago this election was going to be much different than elections in the past. Never did we believe we would not have a president a month after the elections because of one man and a team of advisors who are unwilling to abandon a roof over their heads and public attention.

I am not saying that I am generally for George W. Bush, nor am I saying that I support Al Gore. What I am saying is that it blows my mind after the courts have given Mr. Gore what he wanted yet he is still unsatisfied with the results.

I also can’t believe that even though he knows that his popularity with people has declined that he continues to push to win an election he has clearly lost in count and in support. I am convinced that the man is not able to make up his own mind. My case goes back to election night when Vice President Gore himself called Gov. Bush and congratulated him on his victory in the state of Florida and in the election. Then after an hour or so of probably consulting with his advisors he calls Gov. Bush and says that he is not happy with the Florida count and demands a recount — a recount that has taken place and still found him as the loser.

I say give it up “former” Vice President Gore. You have lost, and that is all there is to it. You are just wasting your time, wasting the time of the citizens in the state of Florida by making them count the ballots again, hurting our economy as we wait and making a lot of people very angry with you. If attention is what you crave do, something for a charity, become a televangelist, rock star or a talk show host.

You have said yourself that it is not who wins this election, it’s the person that does the best things for the United States. I am sorry to break it to you, but you are doing nothing good for the United States — making our country go down the proverbial crapper, waiting to see who is going to lead our country for the next four years.

Brad Dains


Journalism and mass communication