Letter to the editor: A vote for Nader was a vote for Nader

Matthew Burack

To all those who complain that Gore would have been the clear winner if not for Nader:

If Gore loses, it is because he did not address the issues that concerned me and many other Nader supporters.

Gore did not adequately address campaign-finance reform.

Gore did not address political reform.

Gore did not address the over-reaching influence of corporations.

Gore did not address the need to promote peace rather than rely on military intervention.

Gore did not address the racist and unjust application of the death penalty.

Gore did not address the WTO and NAFTA provisions that allow corporations to pollute the environment, exert undue control over governments and enslave workers.

Gore lacks credibility, and his most significant positive is that he is not Bush. Gore missed out on so many issues and came down on the opposite side from me on so many more, that I could not vote for him in good conscience.

The only candidate I respected and admired was Ralph Nader. I voted for the best candidate for the office.

I believe that Nader lacked support because more people were ignorant of his positions than were opposed to them. I believe that more people were afraid of Bush than were in support of Gore.

If Gore loses, it is not because Nader “stole” my vote or anyone else’s. Gore’s possible loss can only be traced to his own faults and his opponents’ strengths, which is how elections should be decided.

Matthew Burack

Alumnus, Ames