New reform church opens in Ames

Amy Pint

Students will have a new place to worship with the opening of a new reform church in Ames.

Brett Strait, director of Reformed Campus Ministries, said the new Reformed Church of America is similar to the Trinity Christian Reformed Church, 3626 Ontario St.

“It’s exciting to see this church coming together from its first steps – baby steps,” said Joe Taylor, president of Reformed Campus Ministry. “It’s neat to see people pray about each step in the plan, and then to see things happen when they need to happen.”

Brian Steenhoek, new pastor for the church, said he’s excited about the opportunity to lead the congregation.

“I think I bring to the new church a lot of enthusiasm and some experience,” he said. “I also bring a servant heart that longs to present Jesus Christ as He is to this community.”

Strait said the church building is in the early development stages. “The site is yet to be determined,” he said. “We’re thinking of building in the newer growth area north or west of Ames. Our goal would be to find a location with eight to 10 acres.”

Taylor, senior in biology, said he thinks members of the Ames community will be open to the church.

“I really hope that the Ames community will have a desire to know God,” he said. “This new church isn’t about a nice new building or a freshly poured parking lot. It’s about real people knowing and pursuing a personal relationship with God.”

Strait said church members plan to extend their message to students. “College kids have the privilege of help starting it; they can bring in their own experiences,” he said. “We encourage them to be part of the worship team once things get going.”

Steenhoek said he wants the church to provide experience for students.

“I think this new church will be a great place for students to experience authentic relationships, heartfelt and creative worship – not a tired exercise in tradition, and a safe place to explore the Christian faith,” he said. “We want to provide opportunities for students to explore their giftedness and God-given passions for service. We also want to serve their needs for friendship and fellowship.”

The on-campus ministries include the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Reformed Campus Ministries.

Strait said students wanting to learn more about the church can attend an informational meeting from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. this Sunday at the Summerset Clubhouse development in Ames on the corner of Northridge Parkway and Kent Avenue.