Letter to the editor: Nice job, Jerrett

Josh Hibben

Nice job, Greg Jerrett! Your column “THIS is a greek-bashing column” was absolutely correct. As a member of a greek house, I tire of the same old carefully worded quotes about this event and that philanthropy. I am fed up with IFC and the Greek Affairs Office collecting “files” on houses and individuals just waiting for some big screw up instead of addressing a problem as it occurs. I have lost respect for our campus greek advisor. I am disgusted by the hypocrites who say greeks handle alcohol responsibly and then throw public displays of libation on their front lawns. But mostly, I am disappointed that we fail to learn from our mistakes and every weekend add a new chapter to our own greek version of “The March of Folly.” So, given the choice, would I join the greek system again? My answer: in a heartbeat. Josh Hibben


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