ASME constructs, races candy cars

Jill Pearson

Some ISU students and faculty enjoyed Snickers as their sugar-coated cars coasted through the finish line Monday evening.

Participants of the Candy Car Competition incorporated engineering skills, creativity and fun as they built small cars using only a bag of candy, two skewer sticks, six toothpicks, three rubber bands and four pieces of licorice. The event was sponsored by the ISU American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

“We’d like to thank the diabetes association for sponsoring this event,” Eric Severson, senior in mechanical engineering, said jokingly after he and Dean Potter, sophomore in mechanical engineering, won the competition.

Their car, The Killer, was constructed of Oreos and gummy bears and traveled 237 inches. Other prizes awarded during the competition were Most Edible Car and Best Name.

ASME President Joe Hynek said he and the ASME cabinet meet every week to plan events and delegate tasks for the monthly group meetings. “ASME is a vehicle to meet people in the industry and participate in competitions that give me real engineering experience,” said Hynek, senior in computer engineering and biosystems engineering.

Francine Battaglia, adviser for ASME, said she tries to inform students about activities and help them stay in contact with industry.

Battaglia, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, said Cargill sponsored the race.

ASME members said the club is beneficial in several ways.

“I wanted to be involved with a student group related to my major to get to know students within the major and have a little fun,” said David Davenport, junior in mechanical engineering.

Nate Nelson, freshman in mechanical engineering, said the group activities are a nice break from regular classroom activities.

“I wanted to be part of an organization, have fun and get away from school work for a while,” he said.