Trick or treat

Melissa Berg and Andrea Hauser

A headless horsewoman rode through the streets of Ames as trick-or-treaters filled their bags with Halloween goodies from members of the greek community Tuesday night.

Tiffany Leaman, senior in English, and her midnight black horse, Dakota, strolled through the Old Richardson Court Association area, through Campustown and up Ash Avenue handing out candy and entertaining children.

“It was just something fun and different that I wanted to do,” she said.

Trick-or-treaters in costumes varying from the grim reaper to Cinderella had the chance to stop at the greek houses on Ash Avenue to get a treat and, in some cases, quite a scare.

Theta Delta Chi, 217 Ash Ave., decorated their foyer with fake spider webs and toilet paper, skeletons, black lights and even dancing Snoopys.

“I had the Snoopy in the candy bowl and he was a hit; the little kids loved him,” said Joel Hormann, junior in landscape architecture.

Ryan Christenson, vice president of FarmHouse fraternity, 311 Ash Ave., said he was very impressed with the number of trick-or-treaters this year.

“We’ve had so many children come through that we had to make an extra fund for candy,” said Christenson, junior in mechanical engineering.

The response to the greek trick-or-treat from the Ames parents was positive.

Ames resident Patty Mayberry said she has been bringing her five kids to the greek houses for Halloween for several years now. Mayberry’s 5-year-old son Mikey, dressed in his “Scream” costume, was really excited to come to the greek houses.

“We were trick-or-treating through our neighborhood and Mikey said, ‘Let’s go real trick-or-treating,'” she said.

The fun continued for the children as a shuttle bus took kids from Ash Avenue to the Great Hall of the Memorial Union for an event sponsored by the YMCA. The Great Hall was draped with black and orange streamers and balloons, as black cats, cows, ninjas and hippies roamed along playing from put-put golf to a darts.

“Basically, it’s just a big Halloween party for kids,” said YMCA President Phil Greco, sophomore in mechanical engineering. “The purpose is to provide a service learning environment and provide Iowa State students the opportunity to work with the Ames community directly.”

Games and refreshments were provided by the student organizations and members of the Union Drive Association led children through a haunted house.

“This helps people see that college students are part of the community, too,” said Andrea Wangeman, sophomore in microbiology, as she applied face paint to another member of the haunted house cast. “We’re not just here to go to school.”