Carleton to discuss benefits of vegetarian diet

Amy Pint

Ames residents are in for a healthy discussion today, with a little spirituality on the side.

Alison Carleton, doctor at the Nevada Medical Clinic, will be leading a discussion titled, “Is There Life After Meat?” in Room 230 of the Memorial Union. The event is free and open to the public.

Carleton will discuss her reasons for beginning a vegetarian diet and the advantages it brings in terms of health, energy and the environment. The discussion is being sponsored by the Seventh Day Adventist Student Association.

“This is a topic that we as students are interested in,” said Natalie Johnson, Seventh Day Adventist Student Association president.

Graeme Quick, adviser for the student group, said students may be interested in the discussion for different reasons.

“We feel sure that there will be many students may be interested in ways to enhance their brain efficacy, as does a vegetarian lifestyle,” said Quick, adjunct professor of agricultural and biosystems engineering. “Not only that, but vegetarianism is more efficient in terms of land use, by an order of magnitude; requires considerably less water, has lower energy demand, and is more compatible with the environment overall.”

David Lincoln, pastor at area Seventh Day Adventist churches, said he hopes to give people a different view on the topic and, there will be samples available.

“We want to help people have a better life,” he said.

Quick said the group knew Carleton, a practicing Seventh Day Adventist, from various church functions.

Johnson, graduate student in educational leadership and policy studies, said the group invited Carleton because many members of the association are vegetarians.

Quick added that the diet is not required in the Seventh Day Adventist church.

“SDAs don’t require vegetarianism for membership, but do recommend it as a healthier lifestyle,” he said.