Letter to the editor: Glossing over greek praise

Blaine Moyle

I was amazed at the ability of Chris Martin and Andrew Klein to gloss over the praise the greek system received in the Sept. 26 issue and only focus upon the final two paragraphs. I totally agree with the Daily when it stated that “any community that identifies itself as a community when accepting honors and glories for the good they do must ultimately accept a certain responsibility for the harm its members cause.” I think it is a trait shared by a majority of the greek system and is so blatant in the letters on Sept. 27. Both Martin and Klein deflect any blame from the greek system with an appeal to the public that the greeks are always targeted for crimes not their own, and yet I haven’t seen them fess up once for any actions that are their fault. The fraternities do have some control over their members, they are a close-knit community after all, and when two members plan a crime for over a year I find it hard to swallow that none of the other members knew. I, like the Daily, don’t hold the greek system responsible, to the extent that it wasn’t a decision by the greeks, and they told the two students to go do it. What is the greek system if not for the make up of its members? What the greek system should do is to take note of just who is in their community and what they are doing instead of crying foul every time they are associated with these transgressions, maybe then people will have some respect for them. Blaine Moyle