Letter to the editor

Rich Balough

Bestiality, infantile syndrome play, rubber toys and latex novelties, are these also principles that Iowa State is founded on? I must admit that when I read the story on the BDSM club starting up at our fair university, a wry grin was on my face. The subject matter itself is not what prompted the said grin but rather the future implications its existence foreshadows. There is already a club for gay, lesbian and “transgendered” folks, now we have a club if your into whips and chains. I ask, what’s next? a club for folks who like to dress up like Monica Lewinsky and play “president?” A club condoned and sanctioned by a “respectable” institution such as Iowa State should have some merit in the realm of business or social rather than merely a sexual “kink.” I have no problem whatsoever with what consenting adults do behind closed doors, it’s just the fact that a picture of a couple of guys tying each other up on the front page of my college newspaper made me regret eating such a big breakfast. Rich Balough