Drug bust made at Hawthorn Court

Heather Harper

A Hawthorn Court resident who was arrested and charged for possession of marijuana this weekend will face the same disciplinary process as students who live in the residence halls. Jason Allen Jr., sophomore in marketing, was arrested by Department of Public Safety officials Saturday in 6211 Hawthorn Court after DPS officers seized 137 grams of marijuana and $370 cash from the apartment. His friend, Diondre Shamlin of Dallas, Texas, was also arrested and charged with possession of marijuana with intent to deliver. Allen was charged with prohibited acts, meaning he allowed his residence to be used for illegal drug activity. Both men were taken to the Story County Jail and have since been released. Allen said this is the first time he has been charged with a criminal offense. He said he wasn’t happy that DPS officials came into his apartment, but the officers were “very professional.” “It’s my apartment, but they have the authority to govern it,” Allen said. He said he agreed to have the drug in his apartment. Jaeger said DPS takes calls from Hawthorn Court more seriously since the complex does not have student security. “Residence Hall Student Security, many times, will respond initially to calls and try to solve them,” he said. “Hawthorn Court doesn’t have that, so we generally respond more quickly to Hawthorn than we would to the rest of the systems.” Director of Residence Randy Alexander said Hawthorn Court residents are disciplined the same as other ISU residents who break the law, even though the apartments do not have student security. “We designed it for older students, so we don’t feel we need the extra staff,” he said. Alexander said he was not aware of Allen’s arrest, but added that students who are not at the maturity level needed for Hawthorn Court will be removed. “We’re going to maintain the integrity of the structure for the students who we built it for,” he said. Jaeger said DPS received an anonymous call at 4:50 p.m. Saturday by a person who was concerned about an “unusual smell” coming from Allen’s room. When DPS officers went to the room, they could smell the “strong odor of burning marijuana” in the hallway, Jaeger said. The officers knocked on the door and were given permission by Allen to search the apartment. “During the search they found a pocket scale, numerous small empty plastic baggies and other small bags of marijuana,” he said. Jaeger said DPS is watching for marijuana, but the main concern is other illegal drugs such as ecstasy and methamphetamines. “We’re not trying to back away from marijuana, but certainly we have drugs in this area that are causing us more concern,” he said.