Let’s talk: long term relationships


Photo courtesy of Kira Frederick

Kira Frederick her boyfriend, Trent McCaughey, plan to head to Des Moines for Valentine’s Day.

Kaitlyn Hood

Kira Frederick and Trent McCaughey

Kira Frederick, a sophomore in English, and her boyfriend, Trent McCaughey, started dating over two years ago, and they have some special plans for this Valentine’s Day.

McCaughey is leaving to study abroad on Friday. Yet, the couple has plans for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory in West Des Moines.

“There will be a lot of pictures and maybe a movie after,” Frederick said.

For Frederick, Valentine’s Day is a day to spoil your significant other with sweets and a gift, but there is more to it than that.

“[It’s] a day you spend with someone special,” Frederick said. “It can be family or it can be friends. It’s like an appreciation day to show you care about someone.” 

The holiday has changed for Frederick since she has been in a relationship.

“It has become more intimate, I used to not care as much about Valentine’s Day,” Frederick said. “It’s nice that someone appreciates you more than you realized.”

Frederick said that chocolates and attention are always a good way to go on Valentine’s Day, but a gift doesn’t always have to be physical, that time and effort is what really counts.

Taylor Butler and Cody Tomkins

Taylor Butler, junior in industrial engineering, and her boyfriend Cody Tomkins, sophomore in software engineering, have been together for nearly three years.

This Valentine’s Day, Butler and Tomkins will be celebrating with dinner and a homemade dessert. Every year they make chocolate-covered strawberries together.

“We only make them on Valentine’s Day, and it’s turned into our little tradition,” Butler said.

While they would prefer the holiday to not be on a Thursday, Butler said it’s a day to go all out and show the extra special ways they appreciate each other.

Valentine’s Day has taken on a slightly different meaning for Butler over the years.

“It’s kinda changed to where it doesn’t have to be like the movies,” Butler said. “It just matters on how you two feel and want to do with each other.”

Monkia Moore and Caitlin Current

Monika Moore, senior in political science, and her girlfriend, Caitlin Current, have special plans for this Valentine’s Day.

“We are recreating our first date,” Moore said. “We will be drinking wine and maybe having some Little Debbie snacks because [Caitlin] loves them.”

After 10 months together, the couple is finally able to celebrate their first Valentine’s Day together.

“Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love and showing appreciation,” Moore said. “Valentine’s has changed for me where it’s more female-centered. I love Galentine’s and celebrating women in general. ”

Moore said the holiday is less about love and romance and is more about supporting and uplifting one another.

“You have to date your friends just as much as you date your partner,” Moore said.

Krysten and Dalton Craft

Krysten Craft, graduate student in animal science, and her husband Dalton Craft will celebrate six years together in June.

The couple were high school sweethearts in Nebraska before they came to Iowa State. Just under a year ago, the couple got engaged under the campanile.

“We have never put a huge emphasis on Valentines Day,” Dalton Craft said. “But it is a reason to celebrate each other.”

The couple prefers to spend the holiday together, not splurging on elaborate gifts.

“Less stress equals better,” said Krysten Craft. This year, the couple plans to go to Provisions Lot F in Ames, to possibly play some cards and enjoy each others company.

Krysten Craft said they usually get each other a card for Valentine’s day.

“I’m less jaded towards [Valentine’s Day] now,” Dalton Craft said. “I initially thought it was just a made up holiday, but now it is more of a special occasion.”

Editor’s Note: A previous version of this story incorrectly described Dalton Craft as an Iowa State alumnus. The Daily regrets this error.