Beardshear offices more for renovation

Doug Stevens

Offices in Beardshear Hall that affect student life can be found in different locations this semester. Because of renovations at Beardshear, several of its offices, such as Accounts Receivable and the Office of Financial Aid, have been moved to other locations in the building or to different buildings. Despite how difficult this task may have seemed at the outset, officials from many of the temporarily displaced offices on the first floor said the move went smoothly. “Our move went extremely well,” said Earl Dowling, director of financial aid. “The planning is what made this move a success. Everything went according to schedule. Even the people that packed the boxes for our move showed up on time.” For the Office of Financial Aid, which serves many ISU students, being able to find the new location was a major concern. “From day one of the move, we put signs on all the doors of the office and the exterior doors of Beardshear advertising our new location,” Dowling said. “We updated our Web site and all of our communications to students to reflect our new location. Since the move, not one student has expressed dissatisfaction of difficulty finding the office.” The Treasurer’s Office experienced the same easy transition. “The move for Accounts Receivable went very smoothly,” ISU Treasurer Joan Thompson said. “We had great cooperation from Facilities Management and Telecommunications, so the office was up and running very quickly.” Thompson said the new Accounts Receivable office on the third floor of Beardshear Hall is a little less convenient than the old first-floor office, but the payoff at the end of the renovation will be well worth it. That payoff will be a newly remodeled first floor in Beardshear Hall, which will be the home of the new Student Answer Center. The offices of Business and Finance, Accounts Receivable, the Registrar, Career Counseling and the ISUCard will all be part of the new, student-friendly facility. The Student Answer Center will be staffed with workers who have been “cross-trained” to answer questions for all offices on the floor and direct them to the appropriate office. “There will be more glass and the office will be more open,” Thompson said. “It will look more like one office with different branches, which is what we want it to seem like. Staff at the center will be equipped to answer basic questions for all offices and train students in AccessPlus. We want the Student Help Center to be a `one-stop shop’ and AccessPlus to be our `no-stop shop.'” The layout of the answer center is designed to make students feel comfortable in Beardshear. “The new office will be bright and airy and extremely student-friendly,” Dowling said. The renovation and move-in is tentatively scheduled for completion by Fall 2001.