Letter to the Editor: ISU Bible College

Matt Billock

On my way up here from Illinois on August 8, I passed a sign marking the exit for “Faith Baptist Bible College and Seminary” (or something similar). At least, I think I passed it. Letters like the powerhouse of logic submitted by Mr. Merrick in Friday’s issue of the Daily make me wonder. Mr. Merrick, in your scathing reprisal of evolution theory, you stated “there is astounding, concrete evidence that supports creation theory.” What is it? You left me hanging like I was reading a bad novel. It’s all well and good that you are so adamant in your knowledge that evolution is wrong, but please enlighten the rest of us in the heathen masses. After reading that section I thought to myself “Well, that’s pretty straightforward, what else can he have to say?” How wrong I was. I nearly jumped out of my seat in the middle of class shouting “Praise the lord! I see the error of my ways!” as I read the second portion of Mr. Merrick’s letter. As it was I merely muttered “what the . ” and earned myself a few inquisitive glances from my classmates. Mr. Merrick, the world will be a much happier place for you once you realize that people may have different beliefs than you. You state that “The true God of the universe is the Christian God” and I only ask you one thing: How do you know? Explain it to those of us who don’t take the Bible as proof in and of itself. I, for one, think the Bible no better than Aesop’s Fables. It’s all well and good that you prove God with the holy book of Christianity, but I can prove that the sky is plaid in the same manner, using the same approach, if I just found the right book. Please, next time refrain from preaching to the campus. If you can’t resist, head down 35 toward a place where you’d fit in better. Matt Billock


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