Today’s Brief

Kili Schwantes

The College of Education sponsored a conference earlier this week to acquaint elementary and secondary education majors with international student teaching opportunities. “We’re trying to let more students know early on that this is an option,” said Gayle Huey, director of field experiences. “Sometimes just by having one meeting, [students] don’t come to that if it doesn’t fit into their schedule or if they don’t bother to investigate further.” Site coordinators from Rome, New Zealand, the Czech Republic, Australia and Venezuela were on hand at the conference to answer questions and inform the students of their overseas options. In previous years, four or five students have been selected to go to each location, but more sites, including a location in China, are expected to open early next year, Huey said. Each site offers a unique opportunity for education majors to experience different lifestyles and teaching techniques. “One of the things that we’re excited about is that this is going to be a placement that we might use for students who are going into special education and early [childhood] education because they have both programs,” said Pat Carlson, Rome site coordinator. Students who wish to apply for the program should contact Gayle Huey in E105 Lagomarcino before Sept. 6.