Letter to the editor: Stillman bitter and wrong

Kipp Van Dyke

In response to Brian Stillman’s Thursday column about freshmen, I find what you said contradictory. You told new students to “keep your eyes open and give other students a chance . believe it or not, most people here are really nice and more than likely to give you a pleasant nod.” I believe this is true, but you should take your own advice. You said some “not nice” things about the way freshmen dress and don’t know where they are going. I bet after reading what you said freshmen feel really uncomfortable around upperclassman. I would much rather sit by someone who has showered and looks nice than next to someone un groomed with B.O. And there are tons of “Abercrombie” poster children who are not freshmen. It takes awhile to learn the quickest way to and from the buildings on campus. If on the first day of class you don’t take the quickest way, so be it. In defense of the young man who couldn’t find Curtiss, he did have two ladies, maybe he didn’t mind the extra walking. I think the new student T-shirts are pretty neat, and the bookstore got requests for them. As a sophomore, you may remember those shirts were handed out last year, too, so people wearing them may not be freshmen. Freshmen, Iowa State is a welcoming place. Don’t let columns like the one Mr. Stillman wrote make you think otherwise. There may be a few people here who are bitter about things, but that is their problem., not yours. Say “hi” to people on campus, and have a great year. Kipp Van Dyke


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