Letter to Editor

Kevin Schellenberg

I have lived in Towers for two years and the quality of life gets worse each year. Last year, I never had any problem squeezing in classes and lunch. Today I returned from class ready to eat to find I couldn’t. Dining Services has made the brilliant decision to close both of the dining halls down here at 1:00 p.m. By the time I get back from class, I am too late to get lunch. Dining Services would say Friley is open until 1:30 p.m., but for me lunch is when I get together with friends and have some fun. I pay good money for meals. I should be able to eat them wherever I please. I am now getting even less “service” than last year, for the same money. There are many other problems at Towers the administration has yet to address. I find the close tennis courts here a benefit. But how do you play with no nets, barely visible lines and half the lights burnt out? I find it appalling. The parking lot is so full students park along the sides creating a dangerous environment. I live on the 10th floor and find it inconvenient when the elevators break down for weeks at a time. I understand the reluctance of the administration to sink money into a complex to be destroyed, but students pay to live here. If the courts aren’t repainted, I’m going out there with a can of paint to fix it myself. Maybe I can get in a few games before winter comes around. Kevin Schellenberg


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