Letter to the Editor:Nothing wrong with that directory a sense of humor can’t fix

Josh Woodland

I am writing to say one thing: people are way too bitchy. Mr. Simpson, you take things too seriously. I’m sorry, but I didn’t see anything wrong with what was put in that directory. I don’t understand how people can get offended by something so trivial. I took it as a light-hearted approach at welcoming people. As far as the comments about the alcohol in the ad and the advice about fighting with roommates, Travis, it was a joke. Not all that funny of a joke but still a joke. People need to lighten up around here. Sure we need to talk about serious topics like racism and sexual orientation but a joke about a fight with a roommate? Come on, relax. OK, enough ranting. I’m slapping myself as I write for bitching about bitching. My point is don’t give yourself an ulcer over little things in life. Thanks for reading. For all the bitchy people out there, I am in no way trying to bring you down. You have every right to be bitchy. I am just throwing in my two cents. This is the opinion page. I’m just being honest. Peace, love, and have some fun for Pete’s sake. Josh Woodland


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