Support alcohol sales at Jack Trice

Erik Gilbertson and Travis Crowell

For those of you die-hard football fans who ventured up to the homer domer last weekend to see our ‘Clones take on Minnesota, you noticed one sharp contrast to football games at Jack Trice — beer.

It felt like a Royals baseball game with all the beer vendors walking around.

Since there was beer at the game, were the Golpher fans rowdy and out of control? Hell no. The Cyclone fans who drove up to the game were rowdier than the hometown boys.

Minnesota didn’t seem to have any security problems at the game. The best part for Minnesota was the money they made: $3.75 for a 16 oz. beer.

The beer profits could support all the non-revenue sports at ISU and buy a dozen more cops for all our so-called security problems. Ask our hockey team how much they make off beer sales at their games.

Beer profits equal lower tuition. Football is entertainment for the fans. Keep the fans happy and give us beer! Hell, you can make a profit.

Erik Gilbertson


Civil engineering

Travis Crowell


Mechanical engineering