Students react to canceled classes


Iowa State students and faculty walk to and from class Jan. 16. 

Whitney Mason

With classes canceling on campus for the first time since 2014, here’s how some students are choosing to spend their Wednesday:

“I think we all are in the same boat, just chilling in our rooms and try to not freeze, go to the closest dining hall for food,”

— Garret Taylor, sophomore in mechanical engineering

“As a graduate student, I will work on Wednesday, I may even go to [my] lab, depending on the buses being in service then,”

— Sushma Ambekar, ph.D student in biomedical sciences

“For me, it gives me a break since I teach and my class for Wednesday is canceled, so it is a day for me to catch on grading,”

— Avani Khadilkar, ph.D student program BCB Department- EEOB

“I’m going to sleep in and try to catch up on some homework, just cause I’m always stress on homework,”

— Erin Hogan, sophomore in pre-graphic design

“Just catch up on homework, [and] I can’t wait to sleep in,”

— Carissa Albers, freshman in Spanish

“I was thinking of doing hot cocoa and [making] banana bread, just to chill out and enjoy that we can stay up and sleep late,”

— Richard Gardner, senior in kinesiology and health

“Im in DubH cabinet and we made a decision to cancel all practices on Wednesday night — all six of them,”

— Anne Miller, senior in accounting