Say what???

Hiriti A. Beyene and N'Della N'Jie

This letter is in response to Casey Powers saying that he can, “represent international students better than no one. I have over a year on the Senate.”

You have got some nerve!

We are two international students who have been actively involved in international activities for the past two years and we have never seen or heard of you. Where were you this past International Week when we had open meetings and were looking for volunteers? Where were you during ISC meetings? Do you even know what ISC stands for? We doubt it!

Just because you have served the Senate for a year DOES NOT give you any right to represent us, let alone eliminate us. You don’t know the first thing about being an international student so how do you propose to speak on our behalf? Do you honestly believe that you stand a chance? We know you don’t!

As for eliminating the specialty seats, that is NEVER going to happen. Why do you think the seat was created in the first place? It is because a problem of unequal representation of the minority population was found to exist. It is about all of our voices being heard! If you cannot understand that then you have no business even serving on the Senate. The next time you say, “I can represent international students better than no one,” think again. We are foreign students, NOT IGNORANT human beings!

Hiriti A. Beyene


Apparel Design and Merchandising


N’Della N’Jie


Dietetics and International Studies

The Gambia, West Africa