Iowa State to host spring WelcomeFest


The Great Hall in the Memorial Union was crowded with students attending WelcomeFest on Aug. 26.

Kylee Haueter

For the first time, Iowa State’s Student Activities Center (SAC) will hold a spring WelcomeFest. 

WelcomeFest, an event typically held during the fall semester, provides an opportunity for local businesses and different departments at Iowa State to mingle with students. The event is similar to ClubFest, where student organizations get the opportunity to showcase what they have to offer.

The fall WelcomeFest took place in person, while ClubFest was virtual. The spring WelcomeFest is also scheduled to be an in-person event. 

The event is scheduled from 5:30 to 9 p.m. Feb. 17. It will take place in the Memorial Union’s Great Hall.

The SAC website lists COVID-19 guidelines for attendees of the event.

  1. Face coverings will be required at all times.

  2. Rooms are disinfected and high-touch surfaces will be sanitized throughout the event.

  3. Event spaces are functioning at 50 percent capacity maximum.

  4. Hand sanitizers will be located throughout the event and the Memorial Union.

  5. Only prepackaged food and beverages may be distributed and no food items may be consumed in the event space.

Vendor registration is currently open for the event. Due to COVID-19, vendors may only have a maximum of two people per reserved table.

Questions about the event can be directed to Kristine Heflin at (515) 294-8081 or [email protected]. More information, including a list of vendors, can be found on the SAC website.