Honors Program hosts fundraiser for student food pantry

The Iowa State Honors Program hosted a fundraiser Thursday for SHOP, the student food pantry.

Courtesy of Honors Student Board

The Iowa State Honors Program hosted a fundraiser Thursday for SHOP, the student food pantry.

Haley Thams

The Honors Student Board (HSB) held a fundraiser Thursday featuring some of Iowa State’s most notable figures eating hot wings. 

The event featured four panelists: Dr. Toyia Younger, Dr. Steve Butler, Laurie Law and Student Government President Julia Campbell. 

Similar to the popular YouTube series “Hot Ones,” the panelists ate wings that increased in spice level. The donations increased with the spice level of the wings. 

Donations were collected for a month before the event was held. Proceeds from the event were donated to the Student Helping Our Peers (SHOP) food pantry, which serves as an anti-hunger resource for Iowa State students. 

Four rounds of wings were presented, each increasing in spice as the questions went on. The first round of wings was honey barbecue, and questions asked at this level donated $0. 

The second round featured questions for $25, and the flavor was Asian zing. 

During the second round, Campbell was having trouble with the spice. 

“I think the Asian zing is getting to me,” Campbell said.

The third round of questions was for $50, and Nashville hot was the flavor. The last round was mango habanero for $100. In total, the event raised $70 to donate to the SHOP.

Law is the Honors Program senior manager.

“Does this invitation come with tums?” Law said. 

The event was put on by the HSB philanthropy committee co-chairs, Megan Bixby, a senior in animal science, and Andrew Larkin, a junior in biological systems engineering.

“We do surprise donations [to the SHOP] usually, or they know that we donate to them quite a bit,” Bixby said. 

Bixby said the philanthropy committee puts on three to four events a semester to fundraise money. They have done trick-or-treating for canned food, a painting night and candy grams for Valentine’s Day. 

“This is the first time we’ve ever done this [event],” Larkin said. “It seems like it’s really fun and popular, so we’ll probably do it again the next few years.”