Study tips to stay productive and entertained

Alexander Gray

Starting and finishing assignments in a timely manner is overrated. What could possibly be gained from studying for a Calculus III final when there’s at least three different series sitting in your Netflix queue, just begging to be binge-watched?

Unfortunately, those paper deadlines aren’t going to disappear and that final exam probably isn’t going to get cancelled. Here are some tips on how to keep yourself entertained during finals week, without completely destroying your grade point average.

Watch light-hearted, short TV episodes, one episode at a time. This will give plenty of time to write a couple paragraphs or look over a few dozen flash cards between episodes of “The Good Place.”

The tactic works best when rewatching a familiar show like “The Office” or “Friends,” allowing you to stay entertained, even if you’re only half paying attention. Finals week is probably not the best time to squeeze in multiple hour-long episodes of “Game of Thrones.”

Listen to music that won’t distract you. Listening to Cardi B probably isn’t a great way to promote focus or help you get passing grades on exams. Everyone has different sweet spots with music, but there are plenty of genres to pick from.

Instrumental music like movie scores can be inspiring and calming. Lo-fi music with chill beats and minimal lyrics, found streaming everywhere on YouTube, keeps things interesting without raising the tempo.

Set strict and clear rules for yourself at the start of the day. Setting the amount of “Fortnite” or “Call of Duty” matches you have time for will help make sure you don’t space off the entire day with a controller in hand. Saying “just one more game” always turns into 20.

Make sure to stay productive, even if it isn’t on an assignment. When your eyes have gone bloodshot from staring at Microsoft Word for hours on end, it’s okay to take a break from the computer screen. Whether you’ve been on a roll, or stuck with writer’s block for the last two hours, taking a few minutes to clean your room or wash that pile of dirty dishes in your sink is a great way to decompress without entirely losing your work ethic.