‘Little Hope’ carries on its anthology series’ scary traditions

Will Poulter using the specialized equipment needed for motion capture technology.

Margaret Troup

Supermassive Games’ “The Dark Pictures Anthology Series: Little Hope” continues its streak of scares and plot twists.

Supermassive Games’ first entry into its motion capture horror titles was 2015’s “Until Dawn.” Since then, the video game developer has started their anthology series that follows the same formula of using motion capture to record an actor’s movements and facial expressions to tell chilling stories.

The first official entry into “The Dark Pictures Anthology” was 2019’s “Man of Medan.” The game follows a group of friends after their boat is overtaken by pirates and they are eventually stranded on an abandoned World War II warship, forced to confront both real and hallucinatory foes.

The most recent entry to the series is “The Dark Pictures Anthology Series: Little Hope.” “Little Hope” has similar elements to “Man of Medan” in terms of segments of the game taking place in the past, as well as the motif of following a group of people as they traverse through a night of horrors.

Gameplay elements such as interactions with The Curator, choice-based events, multiple character playability, quick-time events and premonitions of possible player choices all return in “Little Hope.” 

While there are similarities between the two games in the anthology series, there are distinct differences as well. A new cast of characters means a new set of voice and motion capture actors. The most recognizable most likely being Will Poulter, of “We’re the Millers,” “Maze Runner” and “Midsommar” fame.

The end of “Little Hope” brings a teaser trailer for the next entry into “The Dark Pictures Anthology Series,” titled “House of Ashes.” Not much is known about the next game in this series, except that it will take place in Iraq after a group of special forces’ military dig ends up unearthing something more dangerous than they were looking for. The only cast member confirmed for “House of Ashes” is Ashley Tisdale of “High School Musical,” “Phineas and Ferb” and “Charming” fame.

Final verdict for “The Dark Pictures Anthology Series: Little Hope”: 8/10