Feminist Friday event will focus on cancel culture


Cancel culture is a big part of today’s social media culture. 

Claire Hoppe

This week’s Feminist Friday presentation will focus on a widely popular and controversial topic of the past year — cancel culture.

“Though many see the process of cancellation as a dismissive fad, I will demonstrate how web users fact check, present evidence, analyze and draw conclusions about the actions of celebrities and public figures,” said Rita Mookerjee, assistant teaching professor in the women and gender studies program at Iowa State, who will lead the discussion.

“At ‘Not Cancel Culture, Just Consequences’ [this Friday’s presentation], I will guide us through an investigation of the phenomenon that has been dubbed ‘cancellation,’” Mookerjee said.

According to Mookerjee, through the use of visual and illustrative examples, she will reveal to the audience how social media platforms have been used to spread the word about different issues, incidents and crimes. Mookerjee also said the issue of cancel culture is important for all feminists.

“Discourse like this is crucial for intersectional feminists, because we know that countless injustices are enacted against marginalized people every day,” Mookerjee said.

Mookerjee said most people only hear about cancel culture when it involves a high-profile person.

“I want to express that there is nothing new, trendy or mindless about ‘cancel culture;’ the moniker simply stands to signify the displeasure that those in power feel now that some accountability is being demanded,” Mookerjee said.

Mookerjee also said it’s no surprise that so-called cancel culture has increased in popularity this year. According to her, it makes complete sense why in 2020 people have decided to encourage these actions.

“In a year when the law has let down so many people in ou[r] country, it makes perfect sense why people feel the need to take matters into their own hands when it comes to enacting social justice,” Mookerjee said.

To attend the Margaret Sloss Center for Women and Gender Equity’s Feminist Friday event, attendees are able to register here.