David Anderson, Sue Crum reelected to Story County Medical Board of Directors


David Anderson and Sue Crum were reelected this year to the Story County Medical Board of Directors.

Eva Newland

David Anderson, current vice chair of the Story County Medical Board of Directors, and Sue Crum, current board member, were reelected to serve on the Story County Medical Board of Directors.

Both candidates ran individually but were uncontested in the local election.

Anderson had 29,425 votes, or 49.84 percent of the vote. Crum had 29,292 votes, or 49.61 percent of the vote.

The Story County Medical Board of Directors is in charge of Story County Medical Center, and every board member also serves as hospital trustees for Story County.

Hospital trustees are responsible for managing and governing the hospital. They authorize the delivery of health services, manage funds, negotiate charity care, certify levies for taxes and budget for improvements and maintenance of the hospital.

Anderson has been a hospital trustee since 1991. The hospital trustees are non-partisan and serve four-year terms.

“As trustees, we are familiar with hospital services, community needs and trends in the health care environment to inform strategic planning and decision-making,” Anderson said.

Anderson said the board is committed to being the best long-term care provider in the area.

“In the next few years, we intend to relocate our long-term care facility to our expanding south campus,” Anderson said. “This will create and sustain value for taxpayers while gaining efficiencies through consolidation of our Nevada operation onto one campus.”

Crum has been a hospital trustee since 2013. She was unable to comment at this time; however, Anderson spoke for the board as a whole.

“Story Medical provides personalized care to patients of all ages in the community we serve,” Anderson said.

He said even with COVID-19, Story Medical Center will maintain their level of care.

“Story Medical will maintain the high level of service we provide to the community and expand access to care by partnering with speciality physicians to provide more health care options for Story County residents and taxpayers,” Anderson said.

He referenced increases in primary and speciality physician services, ambulance and emergency services, nursing, diagnostics, therapy and surgery as ways to improve health care in Story County.

“It is important for people to know that we are fortunate in Story County to have so many options for accessing exceptional health care,” Anderson said.