Trippie Redd’s newest album lives up to its expectations


“Pegasus” is the newest album by rapper Trippie Redd.

Jeshua Glover

The latest addition to the Trippie Redd collection is out, and it has the same sound and versatility as its predecessors. 

The album, “Pegasus,” has a strong Halloween theme which resonates throughout each of its songs. Redd provides a healthy amount of bars throughout the project, which keeps it from sounding like a typical R&B album. The production quality is stellar, as always, to go along with a great variety of beat types, ranging from slow-fast paced on a track-to-track basis.

The potential to sit down with a significant other and just chill out listening to this project is almost limitless.

Here are the songs that best summarize “Pegasus.”

“No Honorable Mention” Ft. Quavo & Lil Mosey 

This track has a pretty simple, southern-sounding beat reminiscent of something NBA YoungBoy spit bars over. The hook legend that is Quavo of the duo Migos does his thing and provides as solid of a hook as he always does. Redd flows over the track on the chorus with a consistent level of energy, and the level of rhythm is impeccable. Lil Mosey provides a somewhat low-energy verse that manages to keep the beat, but it doesn’t exactly stand out.


A song that showcases Redd’s exceptional flow while at the same time utilizing a minimalist beat is “Weeeeee.” The dark tone to the beat makes it sound like listeners are walking around at night by themselves. The beat is a basic back-and-forth mixed with a dark, unnerving undertone that plays into the Halloween theme. Redd goes it alone on this one, and he absolutely crushes it. He shows great rhythm on his verse while bodying the chorus as well. The one thing that can be a little undesirable on this track, however, is the ending. After the bars are finished, a Mickey Mouse-ish voice shouts “weeeee” a few times in such an unnerving way that can make one’s spine tingle. Hearing this noise at night is sure to make fans a bit scared.

“Kid tat Kidd” Ft. Future & Doe Boy 

This track is sure to utilize the speaker’s maximum performance. The beat on this one is absolutely vicious with a brutal level of bass. Future makes his second appearance on this album with this song, and he does what he does on every feature. Doe Boy brings his signature flavor of rhythm to this track, along with his very recognizable ad-libs. Redd helms a fast-paced, high-energy chorus along with a high-energy opening verse to set the tone for the entire song. 

“Sleepy Hollow” 

This is the most highly regarded song on the album as it represents the Halloween theme to a T. The beat has an especially eerie feeling to it, reminiscent of a headless horseman racing through the town at night on his undead stallion. The bridge is almost unmatched with sounds that can only be described as epic. 

This isn’t album of the year, but it is a great fall selection that covers a variety of moods with a consistent level of lyricism paired with very solid production quality.

Final verdict: 7/10