Smith: Look forward to relaxing after a tough semester

Some students wish they had more one-on-one time with their professors during the winter session, and motivation to get through their online classes.

Sage Smith

We’re almost to Winter Break, which means we’re almost to a time of true relaxation.

This column is supposed to act as motivation for “Hey, we just need to power through a little longer and then we can calm down.”

What helps me get through the busy days of work and school is literally just planning what the weeks of my Winter Break will consist of.

An example is that I am so incredibly looking forward to focusing on my creative writing. I have a lot of characters and storylines developing in my brain I need to get out into actual words. I also have a book on how to get published I want to read.

My best friend and I are also hoping to go on a road trip, kind of spur of the moment. Whenever the desire for adventure hits off, we’ll be on our way to a still-unknown destination.

These are the things that make the stress of life bearable for me. Don’t be afraid to write what you’re going to do over break on sticky notes and put them up around your room for reminders of what’s ahead. Call or text a friend and talk about your Winter Break bucket list.

I know very well how difficult it can be at the end of the semester. All hope can be lost. And sometimes daydreaming about how you’re going to chill out on the break is the only way to stay somewhat positive working through all those assignments and exams.

Also, talk with your instructors more than normal. Go to their office hours when you need a little extra help and be honest with them when you’re lost or falling behind. They’re there to guide you and offer advice.

Listen to your brain and body. Do what you need to do. Maybe you need more sleep or less caffeine. Maybe you need to talk with your mom more or hometown friend or whoever is important to you and makes you feel better.

This week’s column is short but I just really wanted to get a short but sweet message out there to let you know you can power through this semester. The end is near and then we’ll have plenty of time to decompress and reenergize.

Do you have a topic you think I should write a column about? Let me know by emailing me at [email protected] or reaching me on Twitter @heysagesmith. Any suggestion is very much appreciated as sometimes I lack good ideas.