Sosa: Trump, just let it go

Columnist Zoami Calles-Rios Sosa believes Trump should lose with dignity and stop pursuing the accusations of voter fraud. 

Zoami Calles-Rios Sosa

I can hear in the background the cries from the right. Digging through their arsenal of whataboutism: “but what about the witch hunt? What about the obstruction of the Democrats? What about Obama? What about Hunter? What about the rampant voter fraud?”

These are just some of the many fallacies the right has come up to defend the president.

As for the one thing that really matters, there is no evidence of rampant voter fraud. The majority of Americans voted for change; they voted for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. The last presidential election also gave the popular vote to Clinton but not the electoral vote. This time around, the Democrats got a lot smarter and got the Electoral College vote as well, which is ultimately what matters.

The Electoral College will be meeting Dec. 14 this year. In an unsurprising yet possibly bittersweet moment for Clinton and maybe Trump, Hillary Clinton will be one of those electors that will seal the deal for the presidency.

While much money will be spent on litigation, the outcome will be the same. I have yet to see any evidence of rampant voter fraud, and if there is enough to win an election in multiple states, then what does that say about the rest of the country? What does that say about the votes in states that voted red? Are they also full of fraud?

These are big questions, but I’m confident our democracy still stands in all states.

I understand Trump is upset. He has lived his entire presidency surrounded by people who like or support him. The “fake media,” as he puts it, was never his friend. Thus he sidelined them and pretended they were just that — fake.

Regrettably, for him, that wasn’t the case. 

The popularity contest did not end in his favor, though he did garner a few million more votes this time around. Trump should be proud of bringing out the highest turnout of voters of all time. If Trump hadn’t been on the ballot, I doubt as many people would have shown up. 

When you lose the popular vote by a number larger than the entire state of Iowa’s population to the “single worst presidential candidate,” (Trump’s words), it sucks. He asked his supporters at a rally in Pennsylvania, “can you imagine if you lose to a guy like this?”

But we are the United States of America. Just in line with the American individualism beliefs, we have winners and we have losers. This time around, Trump lost.

He can continue to fight the results, but it’s like trying to punch the air. It’s not going to change anything. As hard as it may be, he needs to just let it go.

I remember a tweet by Vladimir Putin, where he is talking about the 2016 election where Clinton lost that said, along with other things, “One must be able to lose with dignity.” Trump retweeted it with a “So true!”

Well, I’m saying it too. One should be able to lose with dignity. All the energy being wasted on denying reality isn’t helping anyone. Trump may need to take his own advice and “go to a good old fashioned movie with a friend!” That should help him process the loss and chill.

Instead of focusing on fighting a losing battle and embarrassing himself further, he should consider being the president he was elected to be back in 2016.

Our hospitals in Iowa are getting full of COVID-19 patients. While we have enough beds to handle the current situation, if it continues to worsen, we will not have enough staff to take care of the patients. Our equipment isn’t worth much when you can’t staff it with people that know what they are doing.

There is good news of a potentially successful vaccine against COVID-19, which is on the horizon thanks to science and capitalism. However, until that horizon gets here, we are still not in the clear. About 1,000 Americans die every day from the disease.

The president can carry on with denying the facts that are in front of him, or he can roll up his sleeves and get to work. Focus on all the good things the Conservatives all over the country got out of the presidency this past term. Instead, I think we all know what he is going to do.

He is going to pursue the pointless accusations of voter fraud and refuse to acknowledge he lost. If anything, Trump has been exactly who he said he was from day one: boastful when winning, not so gracious when losing.