Election Day kindness

Editor-in-Chief Sage Smith wants everyone to stand up for what they believe in while being nice to one another on Election Day.

Sage Smith

Happy Election Day, let us be nice to one another today and the rest of this week (and always).

Electing a new president can be a stressful and scary time for individuals and certain groups of people. It can also be a time of tension between you and those around you.

We’re living in a world where declaring a political party can open you up to a hate crime and many stereotypes are assumed of you. This is unacceptable and should never be OK. This hateful behavior is likely increased during times of elections.

It is a lot better for everyone to try to remain calm. Avoid being offensive on social media and during political talk. Do an equal amount of listening as talking. Have a conversation rather than a debate.

Now let’s talk about voting and election results. Know your opinions and values, what you believe in and care about is all important because it matters to you. If you’re voting in person, be polite while in line, abide by COVID-19 safety guidelines at the polling locations and avoid heated debates.

In regard to personal life, know it is OK to be upset with people in your life because of who they choose to vote for. Healthy conversation and exchange of opinions is more than welcome, but when it gets to the level where those involved are just upset and no longer listening to one another, it’s no longer helpful.

I’m a big advocate of surrounding yourself with people who support you and match up with your value system in life. It makes sense someone would want the people they spend time with to have similar beliefs as them; it makes for peaceful conversation and I often find it means you’ll get along better in the long run.

Another election-related hot topic: saying who you’re voting for can end friendships. Some people view this as extreme. Others view this as extremely reasonable.

Do what feels right to you. If someone’s beliefs make you angry or uncomfortable, maybe you should reevaluate their place in your life.

If people post social media support for a candidate you don’t support, feel free to unfollow them. You don’t have to feel bad. They can live with one less follower. Just as you can feel with one less follower.

Elections are tense but they are no excuse to be cruel. There are hardly ever good reasons to be cruel. Be patient with yourself and others, and be patient because the results will come slowly and maybe not very surely.

Also, maybe journal throughout the day and night. Elections are always historic, but this one has been a wild ride.

Good luck today. If you haven’t voted yet, please go do so. Use your voice. Your voice matters.