Pete Davidson entertained at final ISU AfterDark of semester

Pete Davidson virtually appeared at the third and final ISU AfterDark event of the semester.

Margaret Troup

Editor’s note: Some quotes in the following article contain expletives.

Pete Davidson spoke with Liz Durbin of the Student Union Board at the third and final ISU AfterDark event of the semester.

The last time Davidson visited Iowa state live was in 2018.

“It’s the hardest thing with being a performer,” Davidson said in response to performing during a pandemic. “It sucks. We have some sort of a live audience [with virtual options] at least.”

Durbin asked him who his main inspiration with comedy is.

“My number one is Bill Burr,” Davidson said. “He’s my favorite. Others like Chris Rock and Dane Cook, too.”

Davidson’s Netflix comedy special “Pete Davidson: Alive in New York” first debuted on the streaming site back in February.

“It went alright,” Davidson said in regards to his special. “Honestly, I was just relieved to get that hour done. I did my first special with Comedy Central, and I always regretted going there cause I was like, ‘f***, everybody’s on Netflix.’”

Davidson got more personal when he talked about his favorite movie or show that he’s been a part of. 

“I think ‘Big Time Adolescence,’” Davidson said. “I didn’t have the stress of being one of the writers. It was also one of my first pieces where I had more than one line.”

One of the biggest TV shows Davidson has appeared on is Saturday Night Live (SNL). 

“I got really lucky,” Davidson said about first getting on SNL. “I got to do this bit part in ‘Train Wreck,’ and Bill Hader was with me in the scene, and he recommended me [for SNL].” 

Davidson came off as very relaxed and easy to talk to. Speaking about things like his own mental health and how he got his start in comedy showed his more down-to-Earth side.

Durbin went on to ask Davidson about his partially autobiographical film “The King of Staten Island.”

“I’ve written a few movies, but ‘The King of Staten Island’ was the first one anyone picked up,” Davidson said. “I live here [in Staten Island] so I would drive 10 minutes down the block to a movie set. It was really cool.” 

Davidson talked about the more personal side of “Staten Island.”

“I’m proud of it,” Davidson said. “It’s f***ing weird, because your family watches it and they’re like, ‘Oh, so that’s what you think of us?’” 

Some of Davidson’s upcoming work includes being in 2021’s “The Suicide Squad.”

“I got really f***ing lucky,” Davidson said. “I just got a call and was offered the role of  ‘Blackguard.’ I was begging to be at least a background character role.”

Durbin ended the interview by asking Davidson about any advice he has for prospective comedians.

“I am not one to give any advice because I make so many mistakes,” Davidson said. “But if I were to give advice, I would say to find people similar to you, people in the same boat as you. It’s a lot easier to navigate the stand-up comedy world when you’re not alone. Get on the stage a lot.”

New in-person events at ISU AfterDark include free horse-drawn carriage rides and hot chocolate, a fall garland Workspace craft, CyBowl, billiards, bingo, a create-a-critter craft, and a seasonal beverage. Additional virtual events included caricature drawings and a CSI-themed escape room.