Iowa State graduates release new online payment app


PeachPay utilizes QR code scanning to complete online transactions. 

Eleanor Chalstrom

PeachPay is an online application that assists shoppers with a quick and simple checkout. The startup is based out of the ISU Startup Factory.

Launched in late August by Aaryaman Anerao, John Jago, and David Mainayar PeachPay Inc. has been in the process of building their company and making online transactions more convenient for consumers.

PeachPay is an application consumers download on their smartphones to connect with online merchants to complete their purchases. Users enter their credit card information, shipping address and name into the app. Then, they can shop on websites that utilize the application.

When users want to make a purchase, they can hit a website’s “PeachPay Button” and be directed to a QR Code. They can scan the code with their smartphone and complete the transaction without having to enter their information over again.

Anerao is a co-founder and CEO of PeachPay Inc. Anerao graduated from Iowa State in May; he studied aerospace engineering with an emphasis in software engineering.

“The checkout process online, how it works is really complicated,” Anerao said. “Let’s say you’re a small business and you have an e-commerce store presence. Right now, there’s a big possibility that you’re not doing much in sales, especially during the pandemic.”

Not only do the PeachPay Inc. founders want to improve the shopping experience, they also want to improve the selling experience. Right now, the company founders are reaching out to small businesses that may have little to no e-commerce presence.

The platform would allow smaller businesses to sell their products conveniently during a time when online shopping is overwhelmingly popular. Anerao said PeachPay is working directly with businesses to build their e-commerce availability.

Regan Wyckoff, a senior studying journalism and mass communication and apparel, merchandising and design, is currently interning at PeachPay Inc. where she assists in public relations.

“PeachPay is basically a checkout solution,” Wyckoff said. “It’s a really quick and easy way to checkout as the shopping world goes online.”

The PeachPay team splits up into two areas of focus: engineering and growth. The engineering group makes sure PeachPay runs well and keeps user information secure, while the growth team reaches out to potential merchants and keeps business moving.

PeachPay is available for free download on iOS and Android devices.