Lisa Heddens to run for Story County Board of Supervisors


Lisa Heddens is the Democratic candidate running for Story County Board of Supervisors on Nov. 3.

Eva Newland

Lisa Heddens, a former legislator and the current vice chair of the Story County Board of Supervisors, is the Democratic candidate for the Story County Board of Supervisors.

According to the Story County Board of Supervisors webpage, the Board has many responsibilities. Bonds and reports, County budgets and policy, economic development, employee vacancies and setting the County tax levy are all responsibilities of the Board. 

Heddens believes she is the best fit for the position because of her knowledge of the County and the responsibilities of the Board. 

“I have had the opportunity to work with all the department heads and other elected officials […] My years in the legislature have shown me the benefits of compromise and the consideration of all points of view,” she said.  

She also said she is a longtime resident of Story County and said her son is the reason she initially became interested in running for public office. She is passionate about budgeting and believes budgeting is the most important issue that will be addressed if she is elected. 

“A challenge facing the County is recognizing that state and federal funds are decreasing yet mandates for services are increasing,” Heddens said. “I can make the tough decisions that will be necessary.”  

Another budgeting project Heddens is interested in is the housing study, which researches the need for affordable housing in Story County.  

“The final report will be completed in January and I am looking forward to reviewing the report along with the suggested strategies to assist with addressing this need,” she said.  

Heddens also touched on the need for stable broadband connectivity, which has been increased by the COVID-19 pandemic. As people are required to work from home or take classes online, internet connectivity is vital. 

“The County has areas that have no broadband service or inconsistent or unreliable service. I have already begun looking into state and federal funding options to help address this urgent need,” she said.  

When asked about how she would combat the spread of COVID-19 in Story County, she referenced both personal and professional actions. She discussed wearing a mask, practicing social distancing and washing her hands frequently. On the Board, she explained her part as the ex-officio member on the Story County Board of Health and what the next steps are. 

“If we are going to get back to ‘normal’ [Story County is] going to have to take the necessary steps to further slow the spread of COVID-19,” Heddens said, and “[…]minimize the pain and suffering of those affected by this virus.” 

Heddens believes a mask mandate is necessary to achieve that goal. The Board of Health is holding a public hearing Tuesday to recommend a mask mandate for Story County. If passed, the mask mandate goes before the Board of Supervisors.  

When asked why voters should entrust their tax dollars to her for budgeting and spending, Heddens discussed her budgeting expertise.  

“Having prior budgeting experience at the legislature, overseeing a nonprofit as well as my current experience at the County level enables me to perform this very important and essential function,” she said.

Heddens said voters should know she has extensive budgeting experience and has a deep connection with Story County, which has lasted over 35 years.  

“As a supervisor, I will continue to prioritize the needs of the County and make sound decisions to ensure continuation of those services,” she said.