Head to Head Halloween Edition: Is candy corn good?

Candy Corn for Self Recipe

Matt Belinson and Amber Mohmand

Editors’ note: With the Halloween season in full swing and the spirit of trick-or-treating and gorging on candy on the minds of so many, two Iowa State Daily editors decided to have some fun and debate one of Halloween’s greatest debates.

Candy corn is a polarizing debate that followed the Iowa State Daily crew, and most of the U.S. population, for years. Some will fight tooth and nail to defend their love for the tricolored kernel. Others would rather go to the grave than eat candy corn. 

To settle the debate, Assistant Sports Editor Matt Belinson and Voices Editor Amber Mohmand decided to go ‘Head to Head’ to answer a simple question: Is candy corn good?

Belinson: Candy corn is good

Yes, here I am. I am a proud lover of candy corn.

I think the question of ‘is candy corn good?’ is so easy to answer. The answer is clearly a yes.

Again, the question we are debating here is whether it is good or bad. I don’t think anyone can objectively say candy corn is just bad. Some people may not enjoy it as much as others. Some people may like other candy more than it. But it is not bad.

Candy corn is maybe not the most amazing candy you could have around Halloween, but it tastes good and that’s that.

I know for a fact Amber is going to try and bring up candy corn “has no flavor” or tastes like chalk or something like that. It’s just not true. Plus candy corn has so many different flavors now that if you are just basing the “no flavor” argument off of the original kind, you haven’t even tried to expand your candy corn pallet.

I found at least 13 kinds of candy corn without even searching that hard on the ol’ Google machine.

The fact of the matter is I would be willing to bet most people who “hate” candy corn only hate it because it is popular to do and most people will agree with you. Even though we all grew up eating it and enjoying it, now all of the sudden we act like we are above candy corn for some reason.

Grow up people. Or I guess maybe don’t in this case. All I ask is that you remember what you used to love and don’t listen to people who hate on you for enjoying one of Halloween’s best traditions.

Mohmand: It’s glorified candle wax 

So coming up with a reason why I don’t like candy corn is hard. The short and simple answer is candy corn sucks. It does and I stand by my statement.

I’ve hated candy corn since I was a little kid.

Candy corn is for people that don’t like flavor — the ones that think adding pepper to a meal is spicy. 

Candy corn, I admit, is a Halloween staple. It’s the stock photo for news articles along with people trick-or-treating. It reels you in with the fun shape and bold colors. The candy reels Iowans in because it’s corn, but in a “fun” twist. The orange, yellow and white triangle leaves you curious: is this tiny kernel going to have a fruity or chocolatey flavor? Is it going to give me that Halloween joy? 

No. It’s a disappointment. An orange abomination. 

The first candy to go when I look at my trick-or-treat stash. The one I try to trade off for some good candy. 

Candy corn is too sweet in all the wrong ways. There’s no mixture of flavor, it’s just waxy, sweet and bland. It makes sense in the ingredients: it’s just sugar and corn syrup. Candy corn just leaves you with dull disappointment and an upset stomach. 

Not the feeling I want when I’m celebrating Halloween.

Now Matt said I need to expand my candy corn pallet, as there’s at least 13 other flavors. Candy corn is consistently disappointing, why would I give it another try when I have other options? 

The options for fun, flavorful candy is endless. I want something that brings me joy, excitement. Like a Snickers bar, the combination of peanuts and caramel with a chocolate coating hits the spot. Even bubble gum, the tangy burst of fruit followed by colorful bubbles — it’s great! 

Candy corn, at its best, is glorified candle wax.