TikTok-recommended trends for socially distant gatherings


A rise in COVID-19 cases causes Story County to require face coverings once again for visitors entering county buildings.

Faith Venenga

Towards the beginning of 2020, the world fell into a pandemic known as COVID-19, or Coronavirus. Celebrating baby showers, weddings, and mainly birthdays became more difficult than it has ever been before. Each party would have a limited number of guests versus the whole friend group in order to follow the new safety guidelines.

Baby gender reveals are mostly filmed and then shared on Facebook for everyone to see versus everyone watching in person. Photos of weddings show a lesser crowd than normal to avoid risk of catching COVID-19.

The one upsetting birthday that seems to have been hurt the most are the college students trying to celebrate their 21st birthdays. The pandemic shut down business at the beginning of the nationwide quarantine and some are still closed to the day, or have limited opening hours. All students want to do for their 21st is drink at a bar since they are finally legal, but this option is not there anymore. Drinking at the bar was their plan a. Alternative ways to celebrate became necessary.

This is the time where students can show their creative side.

TikTok is one app that is shown to prove people still have fun during isolation. One of the most trending videos on everyone’s page were families and friends dressing up their favorite characters from tv, movies, or books. These videos reached millions of views and had many different people wanting to try it themselves. Another trending quarantine party video were girls throwing Harry Potter, Twilight, The Vampire Diaries, and Harry Styles themed parties.

Another way to celebrate would be to have movie marathons. This is the opportunity to see all of those movies and tv show episodes you have been wanting to watch. Invite the friends over while having a glass of wine or a glass of beer. Catch up with friends that you have not seen in awhile.

Baking one’s own gender reveal cake has become popular, similarly to baking birthday cakes

Take this pandemic as a chance to enjoy those old childhood memories of playing board games, Wii games, and the card games your grandparents taught you. Being with friends and hearing their laughter that could not be heard at loud bars.

Everyone trying to celebrate birthday parties, weddings, or any social gatherings are having an especially difficult time right now, but this is why social distancing guidelines have been implemented. Just because there is a pandemic going on does not mean that meaningful memories can’t be made and fun can’t be had. Celebrate smartly, not dangerously.