Students create composting system at Freddy Court


Cluster of apartment buildings in Frederiksen Court on March 6, 2017.

Paige Mountain

A new compost system has been put in place at Frederiksen (Freddy) Court by a team of students involved in the Engineers for a Sustainable World organization.

Five dumpsters as well as 100 buckets are now set up for composting at Freddy Court by the team after over a year of effort to complete the system.

Jonathan Main, a sophomore in civil engineering, explained how this new system allows Freddy Court residents to compost items straight from their kitchen.

“The Freddy Court project is an extension of Iowa State’s existing compost program,” Main said. “We’re adding an opportunity for residents to directly contribute compost from their kitchen to the existing system.”

Michael Moreno, senior in biological systems engineering, gave details of the inspiration behind creating the system.

“We’re basically just designing a supplementary trash pickup system,” Moreno said. “The school doesn’t have to do any extra investment into the composting facility besides an added route to their trucks that already pick up from other places on campus.”

He also described why composting and this new system is good all around for the environment and participating residents.

“It’s good for the environment, it’s easy for the school to do, I think it’s a good experience for the people who live at Freddy, and it’s good awareness about these issues,” Moreno said.

Cara McCutchin, a freshman in open-option liberal arts and sciences, has roommates who participate in composting with the new system.

“Everyone is really happy with the results,” McCutchin said. “They just feel really good that they can contribute to a more sustainable world.”

The compost system currently serves 110 residents at Freddy Court, and the team is hoping to expand their outreach even further. Andrew Frank, senior in computer engineering, said the team is looking at a possible expansion.

“Expanding would be one of the next bigger, long-term projects for our team,” Frank said.

He also said the team has been discussing a possible University Village expansion in their most recent meetings.

Carissa Moyna, compost team leader and graduate student in business administration, explained that anyone with a passion for sustainability is welcome to join their cause.

“We’d love to have anyone join us because the more, the merrier,” Moyna said. “As long as you are passionate about sustainability then we have a place for you to help out.”

She would also like to make it clear that anyone is welcome to join, regardless of major.

Students who are interested in getting involved with the compost team should reach out to Carissa Moyna at [email protected].