John Henry to run for Story County Board of Supervisors

John Henry is running as the Republican candidate for Story County Board of Supervisors.

John Henry is running as the Republican candidate for Story County Board of Supervisors.

Eva Newland

John Henry, a businessman with multiple areas of expertise, is the Republican candidate for the Story County Board of Supervisors.

According to the Story County Board of Supervisors webpage, the Board has many responsibilities. Bonds and reports, County budgets and policy, economic development, employee vacancies and setting the County tax levy are all responsibilities of the Board. 

Henry has been a resident of Story County for 20 years. When asked what he hopes to accomplish, Henry emphasized the importance of a government representing its people.  

“I am not running because I have a list of things I want to change,” Henry said. “I am running because government needs to reflect the communities it serves. […] I want government to be more efficient, with less waste and with better communication with the citizens of the County.” 

A self-described fiscal Conservative, Henry talked about the importance of economic development. Henry believes bringing in more and better paying jobs would benefit Story County, and more educated citizens could jump-start the economy. He also mentions finding a way to better support trade jobs. 

“More electricians, plumbers, auto mechanics, appliance repair and heating and air conditioning workers will be needed if we have a stronger economy. Improving training in these areas is critical to long-term quality of life for us all,” he said.  

He also explained how combating the spread of COVID-19 needs to be balanced with improving the economy by inspiring personal responsibility.  

“I believe COVID-19 is a serious concern,” he said. “There must be a balance between improving our economy and providing safe ways for people to work, recreate and enjoy all that Story County has available.” 

Henry references the importance of handwashing, sanitizers, social distancing and mask wearing. He believes these responsible behaviors should not be enforced by law enforcement, but rather an improved message of personal responsibility.  

“We must continue to fight the spread, we must continue to seek treatment and we must find ways to work together without fear, anger and worry,” he said.  

When asked about why Story County citizens should trust him with their tax dollars, Henry said he is more qualified to spend his own money than the government is and he believes every citizen is the same. He references his problem-solving skills and passion for efficiency.  

“I will find ways to accomplish more by improving efficiency, by prioritizing spending, by seeking to solve root cause problems, not attempting to treat symptoms,” he said.  

While Henry does not have prior experience in government, he believes it makes him a stronger candidate.  

“I have not spent my career in politics,” he said. “A big part of my job has been to provide more, better, faster IT services to the businesses I have been working for, providing more back, with an effective, efficient structure and finding answers to the difficult issues by working with the business.” 

He also has spent time working in agriculture, health care and banking. He is a soccer coach and likes to volunteer. 

Henry said voters should know he has experience in lots of different industries and is passionate about making the Story County Board of Supervisors reflect the people of Story County. 

“I will seek out the opinions and solutions for our problems, from you, our citizens. I know we have better solutions if we work together,” he said.