TWRP’s newest album ‘Over the Top’ hits every note


Lead singer of TWRP, Doctor Sung, performing at MAGFest 2016.

Margaret Troup

The Canadian rock and electro band TWRP, formerly known as Tupper Ware Remix Party, has recently released their newest album “Over the Top” to critical acclaim.

TWRP’s unique blend of classic rock instruments, electric voice modifiers and synthesizers makes for a rare experience in music. The members of the group all wear some form of elaborate facial masks and are only known by their names of Doctor Sung, lead singer; Havve Hogan, drummer; Commander Meouch, bassist; and Lord Phobos, lead guitarist.

Their newest album “Over the Top” holds 10 original songs, four of which feature other popular artists, including The Gambler, Planet Booty, Andrew Huang and Dan Avidan, singer/songwriter of the band Ninja Sex Party.

TWRP’s original audios are some of their best work so far. The modulated voice of Doctor Sung really completes the upbeat rhythms of the song “Somewhere Out There.”

TWRP has collaborated with Avidan as well as the members of Planet Booty in the past. Each band has performed either as opening acts or alongside each other in concert, and they commonly appear in one another’s albums. TWRP, Planet Booty and Ninja Sex Party toured together in 2018 for Ninja Sex Party’s “Tour De Force” tour.

One of the best songs in “Over the Top” is one Avidan features in, “Black Swan.” This is one of the longest songs in this album, and it sits at 7:30 minutes in length. The different genres in “Black Swan” include rock, techno and even a touch of hard rock that borders on a techno-metal mix.

The various genre-mixes and uses of stage characters make TWRP similar to British rock/mixed genre band Gorillaz. Fans of the somewhat odd but upbeat music will find something to love in every single song of “Over the Top.”