Margaret Sloss Women’s Center staff will lead the Feminist Friday discussion this week


Katlyn Campbell/Iowa State Daily

The staff and student staff with the Margaret Sloss Women’s Center will be introducing themselves during the Feminist Friday event. 

Claire Hoppe

This week’s Feminist Friday will focus on getting to know the staff at the Margaret Sloss Women’s Center. The event will be held virtually at 1 p.m. and is available to register for free.

The Women’s Center staff will be introducing themselves and their new student members that have recently rotated in for the current academic year. 

“We plan to introduce our staff, the projects we are working on, and the things we’re passionate about,” said Ruxander Looft, director of the Women’s Center. “Audience members can expect to get to know us a little better and hopefully find ways in which they can get involved with the work we do at Sloss and learn more about upcoming events and programs.” 

In the midst of a virtual semester, the Women’s Center staff hopes to connect with students virtually and still be able to help them find ways to become involved with the Women’s Center and its mission.

According to the Women’s Center webpage, their mission is to advocate for individuals and groups, provide support and referrals and offer programming and educational resources for the advancement of gender equity through a feminist lens. 

“Working collaboratively with on- and off-campus services and programs, The Sloss Center strives to support gender equity and achievement toward intellectual, professional and personal goals of members of the Iowa State community and beyond,” according to the Women’s Center webpage.

The Women’s Center’s mission statement also includes four values that they implement daily:

  • “Sustain a Center infrastructure that promotes gender equity.”

  • “Provide intentional and inclusive educational programming promoting gender equity and social justice through a feminist lens.”

  • “Infuse best practices and current research in the fields of feminism, equity and student development into the programming and resources offered.”

  • “Maintain and develop internal and external relationships that are central to the Center’s function and impact.”

To learn more about the Women’s Center, its staff and their mission, join the Feminist Friday event by registering here.