Maguire: ‘It has been a blessing being able to convey messages visually’


Visuals Editor Collin Maguire is a junior in journalism and mass communication.

Collin Maguire

Coming into college I really had no sense of direction as an undecided major student.

I stumbled into the Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication as an advertising major, but it didn’t quite feel right. Once sophomore year began, I had heard Mark Witherspoon, or “Spoon,” make his pitch about the Iowa State Daily a number of times.

I decided to finally reach out in regard to becoming a reporter and photographer. As I became acquainted with the lifestyle, I decided to change my major to journalism and mass communication.

Ever since I was a kid, photography has been my passion. However, I was never sure which medium suited me best. The Daily has given me the opportunity to tell stories using this passion of visual storytelling. 

Not only has the Daily presented a direction for my future, but it has also given me some very special connections. Coming into the newsroom last year I was quite timid, but I was welcomed with bright faces instantly. I began my Daily career as a limelight reporter covering and reviewing music events.

But eventually I was given the opportunity to photograph volleyball during the early first semester. As the semester progressed, I began photographing men’s and women’s basketball, instilling a desire for sports visuals.

Now I am the visuals editor for the Daily and it has solidified my outlook and passion for journalism. It has been a blessing being able to convey messages visually while utilizing the platform the Daily presents.