Smith: YouTube videos to produce serotonin

Editor-in-Chief Sage Smith spends a lot of time watching her favorite YouTubers and has shared her most recently viewed videos.

Sage Smith

YouTube gives us a break from our crazy lives, and I want to share some videos and channels that you can relax and have a laugh to.

YouTubers and their videos have always been a great source of comfort and inspiration for me. Life has gotten very busy, so I haven’t had much time to catch up with some of my favorite YouTubers. But I stayed up until 6 a.m. on Sunday and felt inspired to share some of those videos I loved.

I’ve been subscribed to twin YouTubers Brooklyn and Bailey for multiple years. I’ve seen them get their wisdom teeth out, pick a college to attend and become very well known for their very own mascara.

Bailey has been in a long-term relationship for awhile, but Brooklyn is single, which often sparks entertaining video ideas, and they’ve done it again. She did a “10 dates in 10 days” series. The title explains itself: she went on a different date with a new guy for 10 days in a row, and it was SO CUTE.

Okay, I know, relationship content can be cringey and sometimes just rude because it reminds those of us who are single that we are, in fact, single. (Very, very single, *sigh*.)

These date videos were absolutely so fun to watch, though. It honestly made me excited for her, and to see the guys be so genuinely into the plans of the day was adorable.

My favorite date days were Ethan, Brooks, Kayden, Brandon and Talon. Okay, so that’s half of them because she had a really good selection of cute and sweet guys.

Anyway, if you’re looking for some wholesome content and a good laugh, go watch this date series. And, hey, it’ll give you some cute future date ideas to impress your crush.

TikTok. Oh, good, now I have your attention. TikTok has won over so many people, and YouTuber Kurtis Conner creates a lot of videos about the different themes and trends of the app. I don’t know why it’s so hilarious to hear him talk about TikTok, but his commentary makes the TikTok content 10 times funnier.

A note about his content: he is joking. You’re supposed to laugh; he’s not trying to offend anyone. Some “trends” he has discussed include “The E-Boy Invasion,” “The ‘I’m Not Like Most Girls’ Phenomenon” and “TikTok’s Obsession with Dark Humor.”

He has other videos as well, so, if you’re sick of hearing about trends, he might have content for you too. He has talked about tattoos, reacted to cringey videos, made “meme videos” and more.

I also think Kurtis Conner is very attractive, so that’s a plus, and, if you subscribe, he gives an “extra greeting” at the start of each of his videos, which sounds ridiculous but makes me feel special.

If you’re really looking for a laugh or to find happiness from watching others have awkward moments, then the “Truth or Drink” game featured on the YouTube channel Cut will surely appeal to you. The game is, of course, funny, but the videos are also honest, and it’s cool to see people share in that kind of environment.

Cut has had all kinds of people play the Truth or Drink game. I’ve watched couples play, parents and grandparents with their children (of legal drinking age), exes, best friends, roommates, strangers, siblings, groups of three and more.

The channel also has a “Fear Pong” game, which is beer pong but with different dares and challenges to complete. I’ve also seen a variety of people play this game, and this one is, of course, more physical. The participants may get covered in food or lose some clothes.

Just type in “Truth or Drink” or “Fear Pong” in the YouTube search bar, and plenty will come up. Beware: you’ll probably get hooked on these videos, so prepare to commit the next two hours of your time to this wild content.

It’s nice to just watch a video and let it distract you from the uncertainty of the world. I know these videos produced genuine joy (we love serotonin) for me while staying up all night, and it somehow made me more productive. Maybe watching YouTube videos while doing your homework is a new life hack?

I’m always on the lookout for new videos and YouTubers to obsess over. Let me know what and who you watch. Email me, [email protected], or find me on Twitter @heysagesmith.