Learning and leadership sciences class hosts ‘Think Globally, Plant Locally’ planting event


Learning and Leadership Sciences 412 is hosting the event “Think Globally, Plant Locally” as the class capstone project, in which students and volunteers plant trees and shrubs on Iowa State grounds.

Jill Even

The class Learning and Leadership Sciences 412, called Learning and Leadership in Practice, is hosting the event ‘Think Globally, Plant Locally’ as the class capstone project.

At 4 p.m. Wednesday, volunteers will plant 10 fruit trees near the Schilletter-University Village Community Center; at 5 p.m. Wednesday, they will plant shrubs at the Iowa State University Arboretum.

Parking near the arboretum can be found at the Southwest Recreation Complex. All those in attendance are expected to follow the Cyclones Care initiative by social distancing and wearing masks.

Nicholas Battles, senior in global resources systems with a minor in learning and leadership sciences, helped plan the event as early as during the spring semester.

“Our mission is to provide an opportunity for a broad range of people to act on their values and connect with other people but also diversifying our ecological environment,” Battles said.

There are 10 students total in the capstone class who have prepared the event, and Battles said he expects 10 volunteers to aid in planting.

Ames Trees Forever donated $400 to the class to buy trees, and all other expenses were paid by the Department of Horticulture.

If it rains, the event will be postponed until Oct. 7.

“Everyone in the final class in this minor is tasked with creating a community-service-based project as a form of practicing teamwork and leadership among each other in the class and in the community and also apply what we learned throughout multiple classes,” Battles said.

The capstone project planning has been taking place over the course of the spring semester into this fall in two different classes, Learning and Leadership Sciences 412 and Learning and Leadership Sciences 312, Problem Solving and Action Planning in Leadership.