Troup: ‘Nothing makes me happier than informing the public’


Limelight Editor Margaret Troup is a senior in English with a women’s and gender studies minor.

Margaret Troup

This is my first News Engagement Day as an editor for the Iowa State Daily.

For the past two years, I have worked as a reporter for the limelight desk. I thoroughly enjoyed my time as a reporter, so much so that I decided to apply to become its next editor. Writing about all things entertainment means a lot to me.

When I first emailed our Editorial Adviser Mark “Spoon” Witherspoon about working for the Daily, I had no idea what to expect. It was the summer between freshman and sophomore year, and I knew I needed something to ground me, something I could interact with every day and look forward to.

My choices were to join a sorority, the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps program or the marching band. But I wanted something more than that. I wanted to join something that would set me up for success after graduation. This led me to send my first email to Witherspoon asking to join the Daily.

Witherspoon sat me down in his office at the beginning of my sophomore year and simply asked me what desk I might be interested in. I knew and continue to know nothing about sports or politics, but the entertainment desk, limelight, sounded interesting. And just like that, I was an assigned limelight reporter.

Writing for the Daily has given me so many unexpected outlets to express my opinions and share important news. Some people might not consider limelight to be “important,” as it’s just what’s going on in the entertainment world, but I disagree.

Everyone needs an outlet from their regular work and school lives. Those outlets are part of the entertainment world. Video games, movies, TV shows, events on campus and more are what we do for fun. And nothing makes me happier than informing the public about the next greatest entertainment event, show or review to enjoy.

As of this year, my senior year at Iowa State, I am now the limelight editor. It’s nothing like I expected, as it’s much more intensive than I imagined, but I’m thankful for that. I feel it gives me a better understanding of what editing in “the real world” will be after graduation.

Working at the Daily has solidified my prospects of wanting to continue editing after college. There’s no other experience I’m more grateful for during my college career here at Iowa State than what I have gone through at the Iowa State Daily.