Classrooms for independent study are available on campus


Fall 2020 individual study spaces are available for students on campus.

Jill Even

Individual study spaces throughout buildings on campus are available to students who are in need of a space to study or a quiet spot for virtual instruction in between classes.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, smaller classrooms are not being utilized for in-person instruction. Smaller classrooms will be available for students for studying or attending virtual classes.

The classrooms will be available for student use this semester and next semester.

Frank Peters, director of the Study Abroad Center, said the spaces were made available primarily for students who need to attend in-person classes on campus, but have a virtual class shortly after and do not have time to leave campus. This is in addition to the extended outdoor Wi-Fi available on campus.

“The library is available,” Peters said. “They reduced their capacity to 50 percent essentially. However, post-COVID, we will be able to regain that capacity.”

Students who use the classrooms must follow capacity guidelines displayed on the door signage, wear face coverings and physically distance when possible. The classrooms are being cleaned daily, following university COVID-19 operation rules.

These classrooms were not available for students’ independent use in the past, as they typically would’ve been scheduled for instructional purposes. The classrooms being used this semester will have anticipated independent student use however long COVID-19 alters university operations.

“The [spring semester schedule] will be available week two or week three of classes,” Peters said. “It will not be out on the first day of class.”

Peters does not anticipate classrooms for independent student study to be available after COVID-19 regulations are lifted, as the classrooms would then be scheduled for instruction.

In addition to classrooms, the library does have study space and updates their website frequently with their seating capacity numbers.