Shawn Boyne to host storytelling project with Ames Public Library


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Ralph Rosenberg, on behalf of PRO Iowa 24, urges the need for the funding of public education in Iowa.

Jill Even

Ames Public Library is teaming up with Ames Pride to host “Storytelling Project: Education and Labor with Shawn Boyne” at 6 p.m Saturday on Zoom.

Shawn Boyne is the director of academic quality and undergraduate education for the senior vice president and provost at Iowa State. Boyne will discuss her experience as an attorney who fought for gender rights and her civil protest against a Supreme Court judge, which could have been detrimental to her career.

Susan Gent, library community engagement specialist, said the library has partnered with Ames Pride to host educational events for the past three years. She said she is glad the event is more than one day.

“It’s too much to ask people to sit around and watch a screen all day because we’re doing it all the time anyway,” Gent said. “It also keeps the stories coming every month, which makes them feel fresh and allows us to spend a lot more time with people developing their stories.”

Gent said Boyne was the first person to apply for the storytelling opportunity.

“She knew her story specifically fit around the theme of education and labor,” Gent said. “We were really excited that she’s bringing this different story of a moment in her life where she really stood up for what she believed in.”

Boyne will answer questions from the audience after her presentation.

Gent also said there is an online application for a storyteller for the November event, themed “giving thanks.”