Wendy Wintersteen demonstrates preventative measures for COVID-19


Iowa State President Wendy Wintersteen released her statement on the closing of C.Y. Stephens Auditorium, expresses hope for future operating plans.

Katherine Kealey

Iowa State President Wendy Wintersteen released an email including a video demonstrating preventative measures to slow the spread of COVID-19 on campus this fall semester.

The video showed President Wendy Wintersteen discussing how this semester will look different than the past and stressed the importance of washing hands and wearing face coverings when social distancing is not accessible.

The Cyclones Care initiative includes four main actions to help prevent the spread of the virus, such as wearing face coverings, keeping a distance of at least six feet apart, frequently washing hands and staying home if you are sick.

“While we can’t eliminate the risk of COVID-19 these actions put science into practice,” Wintersteen said in the video. “They are proven behaviors that significantly lower the risk of transmitting the virus. All of us must be role models for science and more importantly, doing the right thing.”

Classrooms, lecture halls and dining centers will be altered to promote physical distancing through things like signs and stickers to remind people to stay at a distance. Masks will be required anywhere one can’t keep a six feet distance from another person.

Every student will receive two cloth face coverings and disposable face masks will be offered at certain areas on campus.There will be increased hand sanitizing stations around campus as well.

The video said to watch for symptoms such as fever, shortness of breath or sore throat and congestion. Wintersteen said if any of these symptoms have been reported to contact Thielen Student Health Center at 515-294-5801 and they will determine if testing is necessary.

“Yes, this fall will look and feel different, but I believe it can be different in a very positive way,” Wintersteen said in the video. “Yet, another example of how Cyclones put innovation, creativity and compassion to work to overcome challenges, making our present and our future even better. Let’s take absolutely every opportunity to prove Cyclones care and together we will make this a great year.”