Rasmussen: What’s the difference?

Olivia Rasmussen is a senior in public relations. 

Olivia Rasmussen

Blue Lives Matter-obsessed domestic terrorist Kyle Rittenhouse crossed state lines with an AR-15 to join forces with an armed militia to instigate violence among protesters in Kenosha, Wisconsin and ended up killing two people while injuring a third. While fleeing the scene, killer Rittenhouse walked right past the police on duty — still wielding his weapon. The cops did not blink an eye and let him through. Tucker Carlson and other vapid Conservatives are praising Rittenhouse for “maintaining order,” even though the 17-year-old was illegally wielding an assault rifle to “protect” property in a different state that did not belong to him.

The protest turned violent once Rittenhouse began marching the streets and flashing his gun. The protest turned violent once Rittenhouse shot a protester in the head. The protest turned violent once Rittenhouse killed a demonstrator with a skateboard who was trying to disarm him so he could not kill more people.

“But it was self-defense!”

If that’s the excuse, then why are people so distressed by the protester who pulled a handgun while trying to defend himself from the shooter with an assault rifle who gunned down his arm? Why is blood-hungry Rittenhouse being praised and why are people trying to justify his actions?

Let’s briefly rewind to the tragedy that sparked the recent protests in Kenosha. Jacob Blake, a Black father who was allegedly breaking up a domestic dispute and tried to disperse once cops arrived to the scene, was shot seven times in the back in front of his children who were in the car.

People are now alleging there was a knife in his vehicle and using that as reason behind why Blake deserved to be filled with bullet holes. Others are justifying the gruesome encounter because Blake did not “comply” with officers. Lo and behold, yet another Black man unjustly tormented at the dirty hands of law enforcement. White folks are callusing their fingertips as they maniacally search to dig up Blake’s past records, as if that has something to do with the situation.

It doesn’t.

It didn’t with George Floyd either.

What’s the difference between Rittenhouse and Blake? Rittenhouse is white and Blake is Black. Before eyes roll in exasperation, really think about the way the cops on duty treated Rittenhouse.

Videos beforehand show cops in militarized vehicles throwing Rittenhouse and his militia water bottles while expressing their appreciation of them. Rittenhouse was also able to walk free, right past the cops with his weapon visible, even after the cops had heard gunshots. I can almost guarantee if Rittenhouse was a Black man, he would have been stopped long before by officers to ensure he has a license to carry.

Why is Rittenhouse being regarded as some unsung hero for slaying people who were utilizing their constitutional rights as Americans? What kind of fascist police state are we living in where Kenosha’s own police chief is blaming the protesters for their deaths because they were out past an unconstitutional curfew instead of an out-of-state gunman who was looking for a hunt?

Self-proclaimed patriots and problematic members of the Back the Blue crowd are rejoicing in an act of domestic terrorism but are the first ones to “need the full story” or try to justify the murderer’s actions when a Black person is killed. The retaliation-based Blue Lives Matter crowd gnaws feverishly at the blood-stained boots of law enforcement, masquerading their racism as support for an oppressive system that punishes those who speak out against it.

The horrific shooting of Jacob Blake and Kyle Rittenhouse’s disgusting act of terrorism has fueled the Black Lives Matter movement even more. We march in the face of the evil that darkens the systems that are supposed to protect all of us.

We stand up to the vile degenerates who think killing Americans for expressing their constitutional rights is praiseworthy.

We fight against racism and oppression that runs rampant in the veins of our country’s institutions.

We want to better our nation for everyone, not just a select few.

This is your fight too.