Smith: Writing through time

Editor-in-Chief Sage Smith is passionate about writing, whether it’s news style or creative short stories. There have been times she drifted from her love for writing, but she found her way back to the world of words.

Sage Smith

Writing is my passion, and passion is my life source.

I am constantly seeking that passionate feeling, and writing has been such a prominent part of my world for so long. It has been a creator of comfort in hard times and a sense of purpose in all the times.

In fifth grade, I picked out a notebook specifically to write stories in. I sort of just decided I would be a writer, and it stuck with me.

While I may not have been creating the highest quality of writing, I was writing a lot. Short stories were my main focus. I even wrote a couple children’s books— one was about a family of ducklings, which is definitely a must-read.

As I grew into my teenage years, I began dabbling in poetry. I went through the phase where every line needed to rhyme, but once I got a little more serious and experienced more of life, my poems became some of my best material.

During my junior and senior years of high school, I was a part of the newspaper staff, The Equestrian. I was deemed as the unofficial “layout editor” as a senior; however, layout was only my second favorite part. My favorite part was brainstorming ideas and helping others learn the ways of journalism.

Senior year was also when I took my first ever creative writing class, which was so beneficial to me. At some point during seventh grade, I had stopped writing. My mind was dark for a while, and cutting out one of the few things I loved only made it worse.

I had slowly reintroduced myself to writing, but that senior year class encouraged me to think more critically and strategically as I wrote, which allowed me to dive deeper into the writing world once again.

Approaching high school graduation, I took another detour. I decided to pursue a biology degree here at Iowa State because I love documentaries and reading science articles. A huge problem though: I can’t do math. Turns out, I also hate three-hour chemistry labs.

Journalism pulled me back in. Over the winter break of my freshman year, I could feel it in my gut; I knew I had to get back to my roots. Then, the Iowa State Daily found me.

I worked with the Diversity Desk as a women’s and gender issues beat reporter and quickly moved up to news editor of academics. Now, I’m in the role of editor-in-chief, which I truly had thought was only a dream. Working to make these dreams come true is so rewarding and motivating.

I love the Daily. I love talking to people. I love improving my individual skills while guiding others to take advantage of their incredible potential. I truly cannot imagine my life without journalism and, specifically, all the wonderful connections and experiences the Daily has presented to me.

Through this year as editor-in-chief, I will strive to continuously learn, strengthen the quality of our content and work with my fellow student journalists to accomplish all the goals we have.

I hope you read along. We’re happy to have you.

I would love to hear what you’re passionate about, what your personal dreams are and how you’re turning them into reality. Let me know by sending me an email at [email protected].