Ames restaurants to eat and watch sports at


The Campanile and the carillon are frequently known as the “Bells of Iowa State.” The Campanile stands tall with 50,000 bricks and 50 bells.

Sam Stuve

Many decent sized or big cities in the United States have many restaurants where people come to enjoy a meal and watch televised sporting events.

Ames is no different.

There are many different restaurants throughout the city of Ames where people eat meals and watch televised games at.

Ames has an Applebee’s, located at 105 Chestnut St., a Buffalo Wild Wings, located at 400 S. Duff Ave. and a Texas Roadhouse, located at 519 S. Duff Ave, all of which play sports programming on its televisions people watch as they eat at their restaurants. 

These are examples of national chain restaurants that have locations in Ames that play sports programming on its televisions.

There are some restaurants that are just local and may be equally if not more frequented than the national chain restaurants in Ames.

There are many restaurants listed on the Ames Chamber of Commerce website.

A few of the restaurants listed on the website are sports restaurants that show sports games from around the country.

The most notable restaurant listed here is Wallaby’s Bar and Grille, located at 2733 Stange Road.

Wallaby’s, which serves burgers, other meat food and a few soups and salads, was named the best sports bar in Story County in 2012. According to its website, it is “An Ames fixture for sports fans and food enthusiasts since 1988, we pride ourselves in serving some of the best homemade food in town in a fun and inviting atmosphere.”

The restaurant was also on CNN’s 101 best sports bars in the United States back in 2012.

There are a few other grill and barbecue places in Ames where you can eat and watch games. 

One such place is Brick City Grill, who according to its website, is a sponsor of Iowa State. 

Brick City Grill was named the best sports bar and grill and best burger in Story County in 2018.

According to Brick City Grill, it has one of its burgers named as the “best burger in Iowa” by the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association and Iowa Beef Industry Council.

For game watch locations in Ames, there’s also some options, such as Hickory Park.

Hickory Park, which some have described as “an Ames tradition,” is located at 1404 S Duff Ave. 

The restaurant has been around since 1970 and has become an Ames staple. 

“Hickory Park Restaurant Co. currently resides in its third location in Ames. Hickory Park was established in 1970, and since its inception has become an Ames tradition,” according to its website. “Hickory Park’s reputation has flourished from an expansive menu filled with a variety of hickory smoked meats served in generous portions. There is certainly something for everyone with over 100 menu selections.”